Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Country Living Fair, Part 2

It's taken me a few weeks to get this blog together, so here goes!

This is my little collection of favorite vendors from Austin's first-ever Country Living Fair!

I've always wanted to merely shop at this mega show, so to sell there was literally a dream!

Not only did I sell, but I was so incredibly inspired by the talent there.  Oh my!

First up is Happy Chair.
What can I say, Happy Chair makes you...happy?!
I was giddy when I ran past this little sofa.

And this pair of beauties are known as  
the Bride and Groom chairs.
If you like ruffles, these will send you 
over the edge...
What's cool, is their uber creative designer Shawna,  
was formerly a Nascar driver.

If you like some rodeo funk, you will love 
Check out this set-up!

Just across the way from us were the dreamiest custom frames
You could seriously buy one of these frames 
and design a room around it.
Mama mia...
 This is La Casita...

Oodles of French country and cottage chic!

There are a lot of artists who are making vinyl 
signs like these but these guys have collected 
original vintage British bus signs 
to create these unique collections.

I was thrilled when I found American Art & Industrial's booth!

If you've never shopped a European flea market
this is pretty much exactly
what one looks like!  Very fun!

All I had time to capture were these six vendors...
and there were 150 vendors present at the show!

I can tell you that a Country Living Show 
isn't just for 
the vintage-loving kind.

It's for decor-lovers in general.

Sooo inspiring.

It's like all your favorite blogs, live in one spot!

The next few Country Living shows of 2012 will be in the Fall - be there!

Until next time, here's little ol' me signing off from the show!


Here's where I'm playing this weekend!


Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


beetree said...

How fun!!! I would love to spend hours (and money!) there- and, of course, visit you!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy chairs are fun to look at but I would probably avoid doing any business with them...I'm just sayin"....

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