Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fashion In Paradise

I’m finding that working all week in a structured environment (an embassy is pretty freakin’ structured) is making me crave my old life of creating, dreaming, thrifting, and yes, Blogging! 

So recently, my creating & dreaming fancies were fulfilled via the South Pacific’s annual (and one-and-only) Fiji Fashion Week.

I believe this was the 8th anniversary of Fiji Fashion Week.  
It’s a week where our tiny little Suva gets turned upside down, as there is a frenzy to find your best dress, grab your best buds, and spend every night sitting along the sides of a fashion-filled runway.

It’s a tough assignment, but I’ll take it!

Last year was my first FFW experience, and I didn’t expect much going into it.  I was so blown away at what an amazing event it actually is.  Truly beautiful fashion, professional designers 
and healthy, glowing models (yes, they do exist!).

The big kick-off was the annual charity luncheon. This year’s theme was the groovy 70’s.

We even made it into the local paper.  Woohoo!
And then it was show time. 
Here are a few of my favorites! (all logo photos are via local photographer, FotoFusion)

by Rako Designs

by Fiji Tall

by FNU design students!

by Pacific Island Arts

by Robert Kennedy

by Jennifer Jenkinson

by Rako Designs

by Moira Solvalu John

KuiViti by Epeli Tuibeqa

One of the most unique features of the week is the children’s show.  

This isn’t just a show where they feature adorable clothing for children, it’s a show where they also feature young designers.

This pair of best buds designed together for this year's show - they are 9 years old!

My daughter’s classmate, Jade (age 10),  has been a featured designer for FFW for a few years now. This year Jade presented another fun & funky line.

Her models are always her classmates, which makes it all the more fun. 

Here they are!

and here is my wee one..
 her dress was made of chicken wire & fabric scraps!

and the lovely designer herself, Ms. Jade

Last but not least, here are some after party pics!

(switching to Fiji water after lots of Bubbles!)

So that's my recap of this year's Fiji Fashion Week.
Here's hoping that my work schedule and life lend a little more time to more frequent blogging!

Cheers from little ol' Fiji!

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