Saturday, July 14, 2012

Changing Table Re-Do!

Love Pinterest?
Of course you do.

But if you’re anything like me, those Pinterest boards are overflowing with the most ahhh-mazing ideas in home décor, but getting any of them done?   

Yeah, not so much.

This summer I’m determined to get some new décor done around the house.

I’ve started in little dude’s room first. 
Little dude did a great job purging, and now we need a storage solution for what we've decided to keep.

As much as I would (truly) love to run up to the Denver IKEA and load up the Suburban, the frugal part of me says to check the garage first for a re-purpose opportunity!

Voila!  I found our old changing table.  
(Tell me again why new moms think they need a changing table?)

This ended up being a super simple project!

Prime and paint.


Just what we needed!

1 can of primer, 2 cans of paint, and some fun scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby = $14

(I'm pretty sure I saved a minimum of $200 from just not going to my favorite Swedish store and filling my cart with random $5 and $10 knick knacks that we don't need!)

Here are some other fun re-do's for changing tables...

via Bonne Nouvelle, a super cute play kitchen!

via Family Fun, a wrapping paper station... 

via Apartment Therapy, a groovy mod music table

via My Sister's Suitcase, a sweeet Ice Cream Parlor!

via B in Real Life, an amazing new kitchen corner!

Fun, right?
Who knew that so much new life could come out of an old changing table?

Now I'm off to another sunny Colorado Saturday. 
Enjoy your weekend, and happy crafting!

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