Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Minute Lucy Needs Help!

Help! As always, life was crazy this week and now I'm wayyyy behind on finding the perfect Mother's Day craft idea - I'm running out of time. I know that earlier this week, there were several Mother's Day craft ideas floating around blog-ville, but now I can't seem to track any of them down. If any of my sweet friends out there know of any blogs that were posted with cute mother's day ideas, please send me the link. I love to bless my Moms with hand-crafted treasures!
Thanks Ladies (and any gents?)!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The All Things Dreamy Thursdays, Linky #2

Welcome back! We’re off to our All Things Dreamy Thursdays, week #2.

Today we’re headed into my k├╝chen schrank to take a peek at some china. I’ve bought lots of fun things from all over the place, but today I’m highlighting some pieces that I have inherited. These are closest to my heart!

Now, I promise I’ll get to the show n’ tell of these precious pieces, but first here’s some background on why they are so dear to me. My grandmother was an avid collector of china – I also inherited her shoe addiction and travel bug! From what I remember, she had at least 6 major china collections. Unfortunately I was away at college when she passed away and there was a massive estate sale that took place, without me knowing. My grandmother had always promised me that her things were my things, as I was the sole granddaughter, so I was pretty devastated. I did find out later that the family did keep some of her things, including one of her sets of china. I was told that the china would be mine after I married.
Get married = get china? Too easy!

Well…years passed and I was not married. I would longingly stare at her china during family holiday get-togethers. I did finally marry at age 36, but at that time, her china was living with family, out of the country. This past year my father sold his home in Canada and brought back all of the belongings from the house there. Guess what was on the truck? MY china! So, 22 years after my sweet grandmother passed away, I was finally going to receive what she had always promised me.

The day that the truck arrived, I was both nervous and excited. As each box was handed to me, the grin on my face grew bigger and bigger. I brought all the boxes home and dove into them. To my surprise, there was not just one china pattern packed away, but three! Three! I guess the saying, “good things come to those who wait” could apply here. I treasure these Dreamy sets so very much because of who they belonged to, and also for their vintage beauty. Ok, I can’t wait any longer…let’s get on with the photos!

This is the set that I was expecting. It’s Wedgewood’s Columbia pattern.

We always referred to this as the Christmas China, because that’s when it sat before us every year.

The next set was a nice surprise. English Staffordshire’s Biarritz pattern.

These are extremely fragile, so I don’t use them very often at all.

This is what we refer to as The Adams China.

This is the china that our family had commissioned back in the 1700’s. Is that cool, or what?

You can see that there are lots of boo-boos, but I’m sure I would look wayyyyy more tattered than this if I was born in the 1700’s…

So if you stayed with me through this entire blog, you are a trooper! Photos are fun to look at, but I had to tell the history of these, to convey why these hit my list for All Things Dreamy. Now it's my turn to see what Dreamy things you all have written about this week...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Link Up with Us on Thursday!

Hi Friends! Just a quick reminder that we will have the linky up and ready for our All Things Dreamy Thursdays linky party.
You should be able to link as early as Wednesday evening through late Thursday evening.

I'm crazy busy this week, so I'm running behind on everything. Potty training, cleaning house, potty training, purging for the yard sale, more potty training... Our new dog trainer will also be here for our first appointment in the morning. I hope she's not a neat freak, because this nest will not be so welcoming to her. Anyway, as we speak, my sweet Mama is proofing Thursday's blog for I said, it's crazy over here! Can't wait to read your Dreamy words on Thursday. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The "All Things Dreamy" Linky Party #1

Welcome to our All Things Dreamy linky party #1! I'm super excited for the upcoming weeks, as we meet up with fun new people and read about Dreamy things all over the globe. Are you ready to get started? Let's go!!!

All Things Dreamy, at Max's Haus
If you are ever in the hill country of Texas, you just may want to plan a trip to New Braunfels and hit Max's Haus. Max's is one of my most favorite places to shop, both for myself and for others. As you peruse the pictures below, you’ll see just what I mean! Max’s is much more intriguing than your typical antique store. It’s a combo of amazing vintage finds and incredibly talented artists, with prices that you just can’t beat. Each room in the store is unique and so are the treasures that you'll find there.

I am also quite fond of Max’s, because of its owner, Norma. Norma has a heart for stay-at-home moms desiring to have a creative outlet. Almost every corner of her store is represented by local ladies (most are moms!) who are given the opportunity to display their wares here, in exchange for very low rent and minimal commission. In other words, Norma helps many of us to have an outside life – three cheers for an outside life! I no longer have the pleasure of selling at Max's Haus, due to our move to Colorado. But, I still have the pleasure of shopping there when I'm in New Braunfels!

Ok, so now onto the dreamy finds that await You, at Max’s Haus!

When you see this sign, Stop! It's time to shop...

Here's the store...

The black & white room. I'll take one of each.

I love these artsy signs. They mix well with shabby or mod, priced from $8 to $68

Prior to being a mom, I was a teacher, so this is one of my favorites...

The kitchen. Full of vintage kitschy treasures and gourmet stuff...

I fell in love with this scale, priced at $55

This is a set of paper dolls with all the outfits included! I couldn't find a price...

An original from the Junior Miss pageant. It includes the program and all kinds of other goodies, priced at $38.

This artist's specialty is fun photos of the central Texas area...most are pics from my old stompin' grounds - Austin! Priced from $26 to $30.

This room always has an old Frenchy feel to it. I'm loving the chandeliers - the one on the left is priced at $120.

If you look just beyond the chandeliers, you'll notice this flower art. I don't use flowers much to decorate, but I could definitely use these. Each is so different and adds a ton of character to a room. Priced from $15 to $95.

On your way out, be sure to peruse the lawn and shed areas...more fun & funky things await you!

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of All Things Dreamy, at Max's Haus. Now it's my turn to see what Dreamy things you all have written about this week...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Linky Opportunity for You!

Good evening, Friends. I'm inviting you to begin joining us on Thursdays, for our All Things Dreamy blog link party.

We will be celebrating anything Dreamy in our lives...a new dreamy DIY, a dreamy day at the spa, or that dreamy new pair of shoes that you're wearing. Whatever you have going on in your life that you consider to be Dreamy, write about it and share it with us!

I will add the Linky post here every Wednesday evening. Can't wait to see what you ladies have to share! See ya Thursday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wanted: Homes for Wonderful Vintage Finds

We're back! Just wanted to let our fabulous followers know that the store is no longer on vacation can shop, shop, shop to your vintage heart's desire! I've included a few photos to highlight some of my favorites that are currently waiting for a fabulous new home to showcase them...

Just in time for amazing vintage full bib apron.

This blue toile Lazy Susan.

This amazing vintage Vogue Paris Dior pattern...uncut!

A prime piece of Oma's handiwork.

And back by popular demand...our foofoo dishtowels! These will be listed in the store within a few days...I'm editing their photos now...

I've also just received my latest shipment of European linens from Germany and France. I can't wait to show them off...stay tuned! Until next time, have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did You Pack the Chandelier?

Car gassed up? check. GPS charged? check. Bags loaded? check. Portable DVD players in? check. Sippy cups filled? check. Chandelier secured? check...
Our brief family tour of Texas has come to an end. The weather was fabulous and the wild flowers were like nothing we've ever seen. We've had our fill of bbq and fajitas, hugged all our favorite folks, and now it's time to say goodbye again until next time.

I just wanted our fabulous followers to know that I'll be on the road for a few days, so I won't be replying to your sweet comments or emails for a bit. Oh, and about that chandelier...I have a way of finding the most inconvenient items to travel home with. This time it's a monster-sized chandelier. She'll be debuting in an upcoming DIY blog. Stay tuned!

Have a blessed week and take some time to enjoy all things Spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit With King William & Friends

My stompin’ grounds in Texas are typically within the Austin area.
I love everything about Austin and could give you quite the tour there – great foods, thrifty finds, amazing parks and all my favorite music venues. Nearby San Antonio, however, still remains somewhat of a mystery to me. My husband grew up there, so I have found myself in San Antonio quite often over the past few years - although a lot of that time is spent driving around lost in San Antonio! A few years back, I was lost (yet again…) and accidentally stumbled upon the most amazing neighborhood. When I did manage to find the way back to my in-laws home, I excitedly told them about this neighborhood that I had found - beautiful homes from years' past and chocked with luscious trees and foliage. They smiled and simply said, “ were in the King William District”. So this wonderful mystery neighborhood does indeed exist, and it has a name!

On this trip to see family in Texas, I decided to do a picture tour of the King William District and his nearby neighbor, Monte Vista. You will notice that Monte Vista has more of a Spanish influence in some of it’s homes. All I know, is that I’ll take one of each – they are all beautiful and I would love to know the history that each one has seen.

Let's get on with our antique casa show 'n tell. I now introduce to you, the King William District

This southern living dream is on the corner of one of the entrances to the area...

This one is kept in immaculate condition...

A beautiful cousin to Key West...

You couldn't possibly wake up grumpy in this one...

This baby needs some TLC. I wish I could be the one to breathe more life into it...

Mega-sized and beautiful!

Want to be King William's neighbor? This one's For Sale!

And now onto the King’s neighbor, Monte Vista…

A Spanish beauty!

Love the carport and windows, windows, windows!

Monte beautiful...

"Stately" is the word you're looking for...

In the words of Rachael Ray, Yummo!

See the room with the windows, just above the carport? That would be My craft room!

Classic brick and scrumptious windows...

Need a new project? This one needs a little TLC...and it's For Sale!

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of King William & Friends. If you're ever in the San Antonio area, take a look for yourself. I can promise you will be inspired!

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