Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Minute Lucy Needs Help!

Help! As always, life was crazy this week and now I'm wayyyy behind on finding the perfect Mother's Day craft idea - I'm running out of time. I know that earlier this week, there were several Mother's Day craft ideas floating around blog-ville, but now I can't seem to track any of them down. If any of my sweet friends out there know of any blogs that were posted with cute mother's day ideas, please send me the link. I love to bless my Moms with hand-crafted treasures!
Thanks Ladies (and any gents?)!


Flory said...

hope this will help you out! good luck!

happy weekend!

Sweet European Dreams said...

thanks Flory - that's exactly what I was looking for!

Unknown said...

If you go to my blog, on my side right side bar, i have crafts. Click on the pictures. I have a pot ,card and scrapbooking album.
Thank you for following me. Following you back :)

Denise Marie said...

Girl, it is in your heart just listen for a minute and you'll figure something cool out. Sometimes I look at what is going on everywhere and then look back at what I have in my hand to work with. Plants are good right now to give for the garden or inside the house.

I'm so glad to meet you sweet euro dreams!! I live in Clear Lake and grew up all around this area...alvin, pasadena, pearland, deer park. Glad to meet a Dickinson girl!! My boys have to fight Dickinson boys at little league (they are tuff dudes) lol.

Blessings girl, you get to live in Colorado...WOW!!

Anonymous said...
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