Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keep Calm And...

So I'm sure by now, most of you have seen more than enough of the Keep Calm posters. They're plastered all over Pinterest, Facebook, Google, you name it. It started off like this...
And they've evolved into these...
I thought I had seen them all, until yesterday. The UPS truck stopped outside (that's always nice), and I couldn't think of a thing that I had ordered. That's because the shipment wasn't for me. It was for my husband. And here's what was delivered...
See the little army men? Those came in the packaging. Once again, I'm convinced that my soldier is really a paid boyscout! Just something funny to lighten up your week!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Word About Linens Junkies...

It’s well known that I’m a linens junkie.
(In nicer terms a “collector”.)

In honor of all my fellow linens junkies out there, I’m posting on the green-ability of collecting vintage linens.

Yes, there is validity in what we do!

You see, anyone can run to the nearest JoAnn’s, Hancock’s, or Ballard’s for some fun fabrics to play with.

But we linens collectors go the extra mile.
We search high and low for the unique pieces of the past, and in turn, we give these retired pieces new life again!

Yep. You could say we’re “green”!

Want to be green with us?

Here are some ahhh-mazing ways that you can upcycle fabulous vintage textiles that you may come across...

The easiest way to dress up a basic couch?
Just add a vintage quilt loaded with colors and, voila!

Today I came across this little snippet from Blonde and Co.
The mix of these linens makes me giddy.

Even better, they are simply placed together and you get a screaming fun retro look. Nice.

I often run across linens that are just loaded with stains. If the piece is uber cheap, I’ll buy it to use as a cutter. Here’s an idea I hadn’t thought of... cut and paste sweet pieces for scrap booking?!

Yes, indeed!

My favorite upcycle mama is obviously Poor Pitiful Pearl.
Yes, Ms. Shauna is a friend of mine, but I give her props not only because she’s an awesome person, but also because she is great at what she does.

This past fall my birthday present was a custom apron dress via PPP.
I sent her my favorite scraps, and she created this fab apron top for me to wear to my markets.

My daughter and I each have one now, and I can pretty much tell you where each and every square came from. That's cool!

Next up, check out these baby shoes I found via Etsy.
Handmade from a vintage tablecloth!

I do realize that pillowcase dresses have been done for some time now, but they are still such a favorite of mine.

Can’t you just picture a teeney little carefree girl, skipping through a field in one of these? Sweet.

So now, when someone pokes you for your extreme collecting abilities, you can easily defend your cause.
You’re not only collecting, you’re actually saving something else from ending up in yet another landfill.

You’re quite the hero.

I hope this Spring finds you well.
Easter is just around the favorite!

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