Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating Easter. In Fiji!

Yes, it looks like a lot of my blog titles will be something like “___________ in Fiji!”.
At least for a little while.

I’m hoping to get back on the blog regularly now that I've figured out the basics of living here – like what to eat for example! 

I did want to post some fun pics of our first Easter here.  Our household goods just arrived a few weeks ago, so I had to scramble to find all of our Easter décor.  

This was such a big move for us, so I’m trying to make the house seem more like our “home” every day. (instead of taking my typical 6 months to get pictures hung on the walls...)

We've had this Easter tree forever, but this past fall I found these glass ornaments on clearance at Pier One for...66 cents a piece!  I bought a slew of them!

A sweet friend gave us a few craft sets for these egg carton flower bouquets.  My nine year old sweet pea made them all by herself.

Well, a very crafty French friend saw these bouquets and went on and on about how beautiful the colors came out when I dyed the cartons.  I had to break it to her that I did not dye the egg cartons myself.  

This was a boxed set.  Pre-dyed. From Target.  
I had to tell the truth before she asked me to share my technique!

My most favorite décor will always be the treasures that we picked up while living in Germany. 

Whether it's Germany, Texas, Colorado, or Fiji, we always hang our German eggs from the trees!

Germany has the most decadent Easter decor.  Sweet and simple.

If you can’t make it across the pond anytime soon, check out the clearance section at your local World Market.  They had oodles of German Easter décor this year.  (I have a really bad habit of ordering from World Market these days…definitely a weakness).

My favorite pic of the weekend is from our Easter party that we had last week.  Not only had most of the kids never dyed eggs, but they had definitely never heard of Cascarones (confetti eggs)!  

We had a massive fight with these and the kids absolutely loved it.
(thanks to Nana & PopPop for sending them over!)

And just in case you've spent some extra time on our beloved Pinterest, plotting out next years' Easter events, let me save you a little time...
If you saw the pin with the awesome little yarn egg that's made using a balloon, here's how ours turned out...

Ha!  Thankfully my sweet girl wasn't too devastated with the outcome.
She still dug the treat out of the mess and ate it anyway.

That's all for now.  
I have plenty to share about our adventures in Fiji, so stay tuned!


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