Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anyone out there? Bueller?

Okay, where to start…
It looks like my last blog post was nearly a year ago.  Ouch.

Of all of my hobbies, travel, and work things, there is one thing that I’ve always promised to put first, above everything else (yes, even above a great estate sale), and that’s Family.

Last summer, my husband returned home from another lengthy deployment, and let’s just say that we’ve enjoyed our family time together immensely.

I put off my scheduled trip ‘across the pond’, 
got my littlest one in and out of his first year of kindergarten, 
volunteered as PTO VP, ran our first 5K as a family, 
and finished some much neglected home d├ęcor projects. 

And of course, now that I’ve finished some home projects, it’s time for us to MOVE again!

Yes, that’s the BIG announcement.
Are you ready for this?

Yep!  Exciting, right??!!

So right now we're in the midst of our crazy transition.
Colorado to Texas, to DC, to Texas again, then onto FIJI!

As a matter of fact TODAY I'm selling off the remainder of "the shop".

Nope, I can't take it with me.  
It's bitter-sweet!

So, if you’re reading, I’m happy (and shocked) to see you here!

I'll continue blogging about our crazy new life, and of course decorating a house in Fiji!  



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