Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diggin' Vintage. In Austin!

I hope you’re all in the midst of a fabulous summer.
We’ve just unloaded from our Austin market this past weekend.

It. Was. Bliss.

If you’re a lover of vintage, and you haven’t been to Austin?
Oh my.

My husband and I lived in Austin for a good 10 years before we began traveling with Uncle Sam and Co.

Austin doesn’t just have some great spots for vintage shopping, but the city itself will give you some immense vintage inspiration!

I wish I could have taken pics over the weekend, but I was so busy at the market that my camera never stood a chance.

So…once again I’ll be relying on some awesome bloggers out there who have some noteworthy blogs that I can promote.

First up on Austin’s vintage list is Austin’s City Wide Garage Sale, which is where we were selling this past weekend.

99% of what you’ll find there is pure vintage.

Old-school clothes, furniture, linens, knick knacks, toys, you name it.
The biggest vendors are there for the October, November and January markets, so those are the best months to stop and shop.

This next little tip on vintage picking in Austin is going to get me in big trouble with fellow antique dealers, but here goes...

Burnet Road is a tried-and-true spot where dealers do some of their picking.

There are several places to sift through, so I think a stop here is definitely worth your time.

Here are some places to look out for on Burnet...

Top Drawer Thrift
Assistance League of Austin
Bethesda Resale
Antiques Marketplace (pricier but a fun stop anyway…)

Here’s a nice little write-up on Austin thrift that was just recently posted.
Good stuff!

When you’re done with Burnet Road, you may want to give the Austin Antique Mall a shot as well.

It’s a mere 5 minute drive (if that) from good ol’ Burnet Road and I’ve found some really fun stuff in there.

The place has been there basically forever and it seems like their prices are still very reasonable.

If the thought of vintage food doesn't sit well, bare with me.
For all you foodies out there (I’m definitely one…), Austin has a plethora of food trailers.

Groovy little roadside trailers that host some spectacular eats.

No, the food isn’t vintage, but the whole roadside dining concept certainly is.

I just love roadside spots and I’m thrilled that Denver is finally catching on to this. (now, If only I actually lived in Denver…)

So when you do plan your vintage outing in Austin, here’s a link that will guide you to some tasty trailer-style eats…

Food Trailers Austin

You may want to schedule a trek to Austin on October 22nd for the Austin’s annual Gypsy Picnic.

It’s a fabulous food fest featuring the best in food trailer fun.

Wish I could be there…

I could say sooooooooo much more about vintage and Austin, but I'll save it for another time.

For now, I hope this has inspired you to get your vintage-fix in Austin someday.

Signing off from the toasty Texas hill country for now...back in CO shortly!

Stop by & play!


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