Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Girl Prom Night.... here!

Well, it's actually our Battalion Ball, but it sure feels like prom to me!

One of the few perks (very few...) of living the military life is that once in a blue moon, you get invited to a military ball. I've missed two balls so far, so tonight is my debut!

The first ball that we could have attended was scheduled the DAY before my second child was due. way Nelly was I getting into anything other than a hospital smock!

The second ball was scheduled during my Mom's major surgery. Not gonna happen either.

Third time is a charm!

This is a quickie as I'm off to get my hair foo-foo'd...woohoo!

Posting pics soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bust Out the Piggy Bank...

...and get your walking shoes on!

This coming weekend is a big one in the world of antiques, for both the South and the West.

Round Top, Texas is having their fall antiques show. I've been going to that show since I was a kid, trudging through all those fields of treasures, following my parents' as they shopped for the goods.

I can tell you that if I weren't selling at a big show here in Colorado this weekend, I would either be selling at Round Top or buying at Round Top ! If you've never experienced Round Top, it truly is a great place to be. Country Living has even featured Round Top as one of the Greats in antiquing. If you can go, go!

Out here in the West is the last weekend of A Paris Street Market for 2010.

I did my debut show there in July and it was nothing short of incredible. We were so busy selling at this market that I never had a moment to get my camera out to take pictures of anything!

Once again, I will be selling at A Paris Street Market this weekend, here in Littleton, CO. If you have a hankerin' for some very fun antiques, stop by!

The show is Saturday the 2nd, from 8am to 3pm and the weather for this weekend is looking quite dreamy!

If you want to find Me, just look for the banner...

Wherever you end up "pickin" this weekend, I hope your finds are Dreamy!

Hang Out with Our Friends...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holly Berry Fest Fun!

A three day nap would be nice right about now...

Last weekend was the Holly Berry Folk Festival, here in Colorado Springs, and I was there! If you don't know about the Holly Berry Festival, I'm pretty sure it's been going on for 32 years now and it's a monster-sized market. This year's market included 165 vendors, most being craft vendors and a few were antique dealers (like me!).

I found out about this market just recently, so it was nothing short of a miracle that I got in as a vendor. I was very excited!

Setting everything up is always so much fun!

Here are a few new things that I brought out for this market...drumroll...

Vintage Fat Quarters, for the craft divas out there....

and, German Apothecary Jars...

Funny story about the apothecary jars...They have been sitting in my garage for almost two years now. I had forgotten all about them and found them a few days ago. My garage needs an intervention.

The best part about market days are the great people that I meet along the way.

On Sunday, there was a sweet German lady who walked into my booth and started looking around, then immediately burst into tears. Ummmm...I honestly didn't know what to do! She then explained that so many of the items that I had displayed were identical to her own mother's kitchen, and her mother had passed away one year prior to that exact day. I gave her a hankie and she left.

She then returned later to chat with me about different things in the shop, giving me some cool history on each. I felt badly that she initially was so upset, but I was grateful for our fun conversation later. Everyone has a story.

I also made great friends with my neighbors at the market. Patty and her ladies from Northern Lodge are the funnest crew.

Patty makes these pillows...woodsy & cute!

Their antiques are also dreamy...

They also have a very fun online store, so you can shop with them too.

So now I'm back in blogville and ready to get things updated on our website (I'm wayyyyy behind on maintenance. My apologies...).

I'm getting the online store up and running by mid October, and it should be up through the holidays. Get your Christmas list started now!

If you see some treasures in my market photos that you are interested in buying now and don't want to wait (it's okay, I don't like to wait either...), then shoot me a message and we'll talk.

Have a fabulous week!

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