Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Girl Prom Night.... here!

Well, it's actually our Battalion Ball, but it sure feels like prom to me!

One of the few perks (very few...) of living the military life is that once in a blue moon, you get invited to a military ball. I've missed two balls so far, so tonight is my debut!

The first ball that we could have attended was scheduled the DAY before my second child was due. way Nelly was I getting into anything other than a hospital smock!

The second ball was scheduled during my Mom's major surgery. Not gonna happen either.

Third time is a charm!

This is a quickie as I'm off to get my hair foo-foo'd...woohoo!

Posting pics soon!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Have a wonderful time at your ball!!! You can refer to my post for ball gown ideas. ;-)

LV said...

Third time is charm. This will be your night. Enjoy it.

Sara Louise said...

I've been to two military balls too!
Can't wait to see the foo'd foo'd photos :-)

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