Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Country Living Fair (part 1)

I’ve been hoping to hop on here for days, but time (and energy…) did not permit!
To top it off, my desktop died a few weeks ago, so all photo editing and blogging is being done via my sweet pink 9” netbook.  Woohoo!  I love a good challenge.

 So…onto the good stuff!

Yep.  This past weekend was the first-ever Country Living Fair in Austin, Texas.
It was crazy fun.
Crazy fun!
I have to give major props to my sweet father-in-law for packing The Beast for me.  I honestly couldn’t have fit even half of what he fit into it. 

 He is truly amazing!

I had to take a before pic of our booth space as well. 
Sparce.  Blank.  Sad.

(although I do have to say that we were pleased about our neighbors hosting that groovy green shutter wall just next to us.  Nice!)

And here’s what we did to it!

I have to say that some of the vendors there were insanely talented when it came to set-up.
(I have 2 separate blogs coming that feature all my favorites!)

I’ve also included a few pics of our newest  treasures that arrived just in time for the market.

Cherries Pottery from West Germany.  (Sold)

Enamelware Coffee Pots from Switzerland, Germany and France!
(some will be online shortly. After laundry...)
Groovy Placemats with mini napkins.

Oma's Laundry Shelf.  (Sold)

 For those of you who know me well, Austin is my old stompin’ grounds, so this Fair was uber special to me. 
Not only did I sell like a mad-woman, but I also had the blessing of seeing  tons of old friends, and I  loaded up on TexMex and ‘Ritas (all weekend long!).

Now that’s a fantastic weekend!
I’m hoping (and praying!) that Country Living will host this show in Austin again and again.
Like I've said before, Austin is the best for vintage, food, and fun!
Stay tuned for some awesome pics and intros to other amazingly talented vendors who were at the show.

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beetree said...

How fun, Diane! Your booth looked so cute! I love your red display hutches, and all your linens are so sweet. :) I especially love the one at the bottom with the circle motifs! AND, that cute fabric folding hamper...what is it for? Surely not laundry with its size? Glad you had a wonderful time and got to see friends. xo

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