Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paris, Anyone?

Passport? Check.
Comfy shoes? Check.
Camera ready? Check.
Paris, anyone?

I realize that many of you are starting your spring & summer plans, so each spring I re-post my mini little travel series on "hopping the pond" (aka traveling to Europe!).

Here's the order!

Week 1: YOU can go to Paris too!
Week 2: Get Yer Transportation On!
Week 3: Where to Sleep?
Week 4 : Eating your way through Europe...yummo.

Ready for this week? Part 1: You can go to Paris too!

I’ve been hopping “across the pond” for many years now - the first trip when I was just seventeen years old. (thanks grandma!)

As I return from each trip, I love sharing my various experiences, but I always come across the same comment from so many lovely ladies.

Most of the time, it goes something like this, “Oh, I would love to go to Europe someday, but I could never afford a trip like that”.

And to that, I say,"Boo honky!" (that's Texan for "whatever")
Start packing yer bags, sister!.

First let’s do a quick cost comparison. Let’s compare a stateside trip to the Coast versus a trip to Europe – this way you can see the cost difference on paper…

Oh, and I did these numbers, assuming that 2 were traveling...

So, for $910 dollars more, you can accomplish your dream of traveling to Europe. Trust me, that $910 is worth it!
(since I first published this post in 2010, flights pricing has increased some, both for Stateside flights and Europe. In the end, the price comparison remains the same!)

Wanna be frugal? Then do your homework!

Book your own flights…I go both to individual airlines sites, as well as the big dogs like Expedia and Travelocity…it takes time, but you need to be your own travel agent.

Forget hotels – stay in an Apartment!
Our family finally caught on to the blessing of renting apartments all over Europe. It's much cheaper and you get to live like a local!

Eat with ease via bakeries and local grocery markets – that crusty bread and cheese is dreamier than you could imagine!

Forget the rental car…while in Europe, travel like a local via Trains!

Get your Europe fund rolling now.
A yard sale is a great place to start!

Don’t touch your Europe fund – no matter what!

You will have memories to last a lifetime…and hopefully some over-stuffed shopping bags to take home with you as well!

So...are you intrigued?

If a trip across the pond seems appealing to you, stay tuned for next week’s detailed version of The Frugal Mama Takes On Europe!

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beetree said...

Great post, Diane! Every time I read this I get all fuzzy inside. We'll get back there one day...

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