Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pickin' in Texas

Just a quick howdy from the hill country of Texas!

We're here on family vacay, but of course I'm diggin' through my favorite vintage stops along the way.

I will shamelessly admit that I'll dig through almost anything for a treasure.

Afterall, half of my home decor was picked off of cobblestone trash piles in Europe!

But...I do have my limits.
Like today.
I came across what appeared to be a thrift store, and this is what was inside...

I love being overwhelmed with opportunity, but this was borderline scary!

So, bottom line, no I didn't walk away with anything special.
I simply had to walk away! 

So, my treasure hunt continues on our trek through Texas!

Off to bed for now.
SeaWorld is on the agenda for tomorrow!
Nite ya'll, from the friendliest place on earth!


beetree said...

What an overwhelming pile of junk...makes you wonder about the mental health of the people who own that shop. So glad you are having a family getaway- have fun!!!

Jillian Carreira said...

wow you really do a lot of vintage shopping. I love the pictures of the Happy Chair and the Frames. I am hoping to have a wall filled with unique frames like those.. but living in Trinidad does not give me much options. There are garage sales when people are leaving, but finding them can be a bit difficult. But I am inspired neave the less. Thanks.
Following you from the Hop and hope you can follow back.

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