Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppin' Around in Blogville

So blessed to be walking into this Easter weekend!

Instead of working like a crazy-person to publish a new post for the weekend,

I'm taking my sweet time, catching up on my most favorite blog pages, while also finding some new and inspiring blogs to follow.

Wherever you are and whatever your plans, have a wonderful weekend.

Smart and Trendy Moms
A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

Stalk Hop Friday


Unknown said...

Happy East to you, I'm also hopping around with my morning cup of tea! Kx

Sarah said...

Good for you! That's a terrific idea.
Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

Bargain Hoot said...

Hope you and your family are enjoying a very Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for “Stalking Me!” I'm Stalking back! Following on GFC with Both of my blogs as Mrs. Marine and as Novel Bloggers:
Please follow my other blog if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to stop by next week and link up again on "Stalk Hop Friday"!

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