Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreamy French Teas

I gather and sell a whole lotta stuff, but there are some pieces that I just can’t part with.

You may have had a peek at these on a former post.

This is one little set of tea treats that will always stay with Me!

I found these in France and I honestly had no clue just how cute they were until I got them home.

They were sitting on a shelf in a (very) packed store and all of the pieces were DUCT-taped together! (gasp!)

I thought the entire set was black with yellow cups.

Mais, non!

Just beyond the duct tape and dust were beautiful hues of orange and lavender!

The maker’s mark is “Ceranord” with a swan and doing a teeney bit of research on them has shown that they come from a long line of pottery and porcelain makers.

The Ceranord brand was established in 1908 and closed it’s doors in 1962, however, the Ceranord label originated from a long (very long) line of pottery-glass lovers who started their initial business in… 1705.

While writing this, I found this set of Saint Amand plates on Ebay France.

It’s actually a set of dessert plates – one design for each month of the year.

Oh. Help. Me.

I’m warning you now that if I ever find this set of plates on one of my treks across Europe, I can guarantee that you will hear my squeal of joy all the way over here!

So this is one of my little French treasures that I just had to share.

Hoping your weekend is full of fun vintage-inspired finds!

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The Tablescaper said...

What an exquisite collection. I can certainly understand while you're never part with it. Just beautiful.

- The Tablescaper

beetree said...

Those tea cups are absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors- what a wonderful find!

Rosee Rouge said...

Love this china! I'm your newest follower. I will be going to Paris is April. How about a post on Paris open air markets?

Angi said...

Oh, those are the prettiest Dreamy French Teas! I just love reading your beautiful blog. I've given you the Stlylish Blogger Award if you are interested and haven't already received it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Alison Agnew said...

i've never seen such dark cups and saucers before...very dramatic. and those amand plates? to. die. for. now i have one more thing (or 12) on my wish list...thanks for visiting and can bet, with little treasures like these i am following right back.


stuff and nonsense

Unknown said...

I love the plates! awsome prints!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those are such fabulous cups and saucers I would never part with the either! Stunning colors. Thanks for joining JFF this week! hugs, Linda

Jenny said...

Hello....thank you so much for stopping by my quiet little blog and most especially for the follow it was actually quite an encouragement for me!...I love your blog and of course just catching a whiff Europe and traveling I am won over. I going off to explore your sight and so far love the Paris/traveling tips you have wonderful! God bless you.

Biljana said...

I love your treasures, so beautiful:-)
Have a wonderful day, hugs Biljana

Christy said...

Lo-ove the innards of those tea cupcs!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Diane, I can see why you kept the tea cups. They are beautiful! What a wonderful surprise to find that the inside of each was a different vibrant color! I can imagine that your heart must have skipped a beat when you unwrapped them. And oh, I also heart those dessert plates. How precious those are. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

Unknown said...

Great finds !!
Thank you so much for linking up to the French Obsession party !
Come back on April 1st for another party !

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh the teacups are just so adorable! I love the colors! Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence! We hope you'll be back to visit us again soon!

Heather @At The Picket Fence

Colette said...

I have these too and they are my favourite couldn't believe it when I came across them on your blog. They used to belong to my gran (from france)I love how the insides are so irridescent, enjoy!

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