Friday, January 14, 2011

Kitschy Stitches is Here!

I’m super excited to announce that we are opening up a second shop...

Kitschy Stitches is all about supplying vintage-loving, retro mama, upcycle divas with some very fun crafty supplies.

We adore vintage fabrics, patterns and notions, and we are thrilled that we can now share them with You!

Most of our fun vintage notions are found via local estate sales and a few we’ve brought back from Europe.

Here’s a little sneak peek…

European Trims...

and Sew much more!

Sweet European Dreams is open for business, but you'll notice that our stock is shockingly low. But, that's okay, because we’re headed back to Europe here in a few short weeks to restock! (aka retail therapy overload...)

We can’t wait to show you the goodies that we’ll find!

Thanks so much to so many of you who frequent our shop and we're hoping that you'll become a regular over at Kitschy Stitches as well!

We're adding kitschy pieces to the shop like crazy, so keep checking back - we have a long way to go before we're finished listing items!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Unknown said...

1. I love your blog! You have so many great ideas!
2. Thank you for following!! You were my 100th follower!!
3. Check out my blog sometime in the next couple of days for a special 100th follower surprise!

~Kristin~ said...

How cute is all your stuff!? I would love a shopping trip like that...If only I flew! ;o(
Thanks for stopping by Diane and have a wonderful weekend!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Too cute items and love the fact you're headed to Europe to find more. When I walk around my farm house, I see tons of stuff vintage that I could sell on ebay but then, would no longer have that eye candy for myself -smile-.

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