Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paris, Anyone? Part 2

I’m back! What a week… I’m exhausted! I’ve had to neglect my blog for several days, and here’s why…It all started on Sunday, Mother’s Day. I was blessed with a few hours of solo shop time, and during my treasured solo shop time my precious brand new cell phone was stolen. To top that, I awoke on Monday morning with the yucky crud that my family has been passing around for a week now. No…!!! Everyone knows what happens when Momma gets sick – the kids still need feeding, potty training continues, and the house gets trashed in the midst of me trying to “work” while trudging along (do you hear my sympathy violin playing in the background?). So, that was my Mother’s Day! The good news is that next year’s Mother’s Day will be much better!

Enough of my blah week…let’s get on to Paris! Last week I did a brief intro of how we frugal mamas can realistically get “across the pond” (if you’re just tuning in, you can find it here). Now I’m going to get into the nitty gritty of travel to Europe. Here’s how the next few weeks of this series will go:

Week 2: booking flights and transportation abroad (that’s today!)

Week 3: booking apartments in Europe and eating like a local.

Week 4: Shopping. Yes, shopping always gets its own week!

Okay, so let’s chat about booking flights. I know this is not necessarily a Dreamy topic, but let’s face it, it’s probably THE way you are going to get there, so you need to know about it!

Do not (I repeat, do not) go through a travel office or a European tour service. If you have a ton of money to travel, these companies are great, but if you are trying to get there the frugal way, then you need to book tickets on your own.

1) I use the following airline’s sites: American, Northwest, United, and Lufthansa (Lufthansa is my favorite…better seats & better food!). I also use Travelocity and Expedia. This does take some time, but you will definitely get a good view of the very best rates available.

2) Hopefully your dates are somewhat flexible – flying midweek is much cheaper than weekends. Each airlines typically has a flexible fares chart that shows you pricing by day of the week or pricing throughout an entire calendar month.

3) There are often amazing flights leaving from NYC to Europe. I’ve booked flights using different carriers before. Example: A flight from Houston to NYC via Delta, and then a flight from NYC to Paris via AirFrance. You have to become your own travel agent, but it’s worth it to save some $$$ for other trip necessities(like shopping…). If you think you won’t have the time for this, carve some time away from your typical online duties (ie Facebook!) and use that time for your travel homework.

4) If you would like to see more than one country (which I would highly recommend), we often fly into one country and then fly home out of a different country. Example: Fly into Paris, take a night train to Rome, then fly home from Rome. To look at flights like this, most airlines have the “Multiple Destination” option to search.

5) Flight prices drop dramatically in early September and do not rise much until the end of April. I typically hit Europe in early September or early April as these are not peak months and the weather is still somewhat decent. Summer months are when you see the crazy flight pricing…try to avoid summer if you can.

Now that you’ve made it across the pond, let’s chat about how you’re going to get around those cobblestone paths!

Trains, trains, trains! Most major cities have a metro rail and that is what we always use – incredibly cheap, convenient and fun to figure out! Don’t be afraid to get lost – your fun little adventures will make for a great blog later on!

Most cities have their rail maps posted online, so you can study them prior to your arrival.

Here is Paris’ Metro

Here is Rome’s Metro

Here is Berlin’s Metro

Once you arrive in your city, you can purchase a Metro Pass that will save you a ton of money (see? Your shopping stash is growing by the minute…).

Most Europeans speak more English than we speak of their native language, so you can always ask for help. I have to say that the Swiss and Germans speak a LOT of English, even though they personally think their English stinks. The French don’t seem to speak as much English, and can be somewhat reluctant to help, but we have always found a good Samaritan in a pinch. In any country, the key to starting off right is being able to ask for help in the local language. If you do need help at some point, at least attempt a little of their language - they will find your horrible pronunciation endearing, and they will in-turn help you out.

Just a Note: Nothing is more annoying to me than sitting in a quaint European bistro, and being interrupted by a loud American screaming, “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH ??!!!”. Funny story: When I took my mom to Paris, she had this weird theory that if she spoke SLOWLY and very LOUDLY then that would aid a non-English speaking person to suddenly begin to understand what she was saying.
This theory does not work.
Do not attempt this.

Two more Tips before we part for today:
1) To work on your travel cash, start cleaning out your closet. You’ll make some cash in the meantime (don’t touch it!) and you’ll be making room for your new precious purchases from overseas.

2) To get really inspired about your destination, go get a Rick Steve’s book and start planning. Rick has always been right on the money and he’s a frugal dude as well! Here are some of his books on Amazon. You can always buy last year's version - they don't change that much from just one year to the next (more pennies saved!).

Start your planning now and you may be posting a picture that looks something like this:

Thanks for stopping by this week! Stay tuned for Euro Apartments and scrumptious food next week! Now I'm off to read what you all are up to!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! So glad I had the chance to stop by your blog. I love this post and will definitely be back. I'm following now, of course, and hope you visit (not nearly as expensive as Europe) and do the same.

The Tablescaper said...

I'm afraid getting across the pond is not in the budget this year, but I like your ideas and will keep them in mind for the future.

- The Tablescaper

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Kitchen Belleicious said...

So glad you found me so I could find you! I LOVE your blog. Love it! I am right there with you on the part of when mommy gets sick. I went thru that last week and I need a vaca after it! LOL! You are a doll- so beautiful and I hope we can keep in touch. I am following you now! XOXO Jessica

Deana said...

I would LOVE to go to Europe one day! Great blog! Thanks for the follow from FF:)

Back at ya!

angela said...

wow lots of new friends for you! yeah!
Don't forget to add, taking a flight into one country, and hopping ryan air too...
also lufthansa has a seperate airline called Condor that flies direct out of florida and vegas and alaska non stop pretty cheap too.


Flory said...

Don't worry Dianne I'm very sure of your link with the wrong title actually, but it's already corrected...sorry:)

Sweet European Dreams said...

ohhhhhhhh Angela, you are SO right! Totally blanked @ Ryan Air and Condor! This is why YOU taught me everything I know!

Tammy said...

Diane - first off thanks for stopping by my little blog. I appreciate newcomers so much.
Secondly, oh my goodness you are doing a series on my dream. Getting to the Paris flea market.
I and my best friend hope to do this one day. For me it is more of finding time daddy can stay home with the kids so I can go and I have a good hookup as my brother and sister live in Cambridge, England- I just need to get there to start enjoying it. I will be glued to your pointers and helps for those of us with the dream.

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