Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let the Buying Begin!!

Guten Tag! We are currently in Germany and our search for fun and funky vintage has commenced! We arrived on the 18th and took a few days to devour some German bread, drink a few Latte Macchiatos and get our sleep somewhat regulated.

Yesterday our quest officially started when we ran across some fun kitschy items and today was a linens day. Linens, linens, linens...when I see those neatly stacked piles of them all lined up just waiting for me to peruse...oh my! I met the most precious Oma today who gave me a great deal on her linens - it turns out that she was quite the linen junkie growing up and now she's attempting to downsize a little. I guess that could be me some day...

I've posted some pics of what we've found so far....her's what's coming from...across the pond! On Tuesday we hit France...stay tuned for more!

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Small Burst said...

I love apothecary jars!!

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