Monday, March 15, 2010

Tippin' our Hats to Shades o' Green

Evenin’ Bettys and fellas. How's the craic?
Just a quick jog to the noggin’ before I hit the scratcher. Our Shades of Green bloggin’ bash will begin a ‘morrow on Saint Paddy’s eve. Follow the Mr Linky prompts and have your blog a gawkin by all! This ole lady is jaded. Better sign off for now as I wouldn’t want to wake as a bibe. Be off with ye now!

(For those of you who may not be familiar with Irish slang, here is the translation of the previous paragraph: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. What's going on? Here is a brief reminder before I am off to bed. Our Shades of Green blog initiative will begin taking your blogs tomorrow evening, March 14th. If you enter your information into the Mr Linky prompted block, your blog will be linked on this site. I am very fatiqued. I am now heading to bed as I do not wish to wake in the morning, a cantankerous woman. Good evening.)

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