Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Tiny Texas Storehouse of Treasures

I just found out that most favorite all-time, top secret Texas auction house will not be having an auction during the weeks that I'm visiting Texas. As a tribute to any of you living (and thrifting) in the Central Texas region, I'm going to actually list their link. This is one of my sources that I've never revealed before, because I do like having my own little secrets in the world of antiques. But, since I'm no longer residing in that Great State, this is for those of you who are! (for some reason I can't get it to actually link at the moment, but that's no surprise - I'm technically challenged as it is...)

So anyway, about this auction house. It's in the dinkiest little worn-down building and the place is always jammed to the walls with stuff. Best of all, it's my kind of stuff. Not high end Louis-era antiques, but junky little finds that are begging to be rescued and restored.

The family that runs this auction house are what make this little venue so special. I guess they've been running this family business basically forever and they're good at it - they're so good at it, that it's borderline hysterical to watch. The humor that flies between the auctioneer and his assistant (brothers!) is something you should have to pay for. These people are hysterical!

If you get to visit these great folks, I'm jealous, but in a nice way. The pics here are a few of my favorites that they have on the block this weekend. Hope you all have a happy thrifting weekend!

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