Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Proud.

Today was my yearly yard sale and I seriously purged for this one. We have so much stuff that it’s really getting to me lately. Our closets are bursting at the seams and I just don’t see the need for all of this stuff.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m a frugal mama and most of our things have been the blessing of hand-me-downs from great friends, but enough is enough. I’m domestically challenged as it is, so all of this stuff is not helping my condition!

I purged the kid’s playroom about 5 days ago, and would you believe that they never even noticed that anything was missing?! They actually played in there even more as things were tidier, and there was less distraction.

Last night my husband had the chat with the kids that there would be a lot of toys and clothes in the yard sale that they might not be expecting to get rid of. They protested at first until he told them that the toys had already been taken out of the playroom several days prior, and they never even noticed!

So today they were somewhat solemn at the start of the sale, but then they had fun showing other kids their toys and really helped in making some sales. They are only 5 and 3 years old, so I was both shocked and so proud in how they chose to handle this little lesson in growing up.

Sometimes parenting can really wear me out, but it’s days like this that I feel like the lessons that we are constantly teaching and preaching are actually taking root in our little monkeys’ hearts.

Thanks for letting me share my proud parent moment…

Hope you all are having a beautiful & blessed weekend!


Linda said...

I am also very proud of our Princess and Knight. Even WE (US as in adults)have trouble sometimes parting with our own "things". That is why most husbands are not allowed to attend their own family sale.

And maybe at Christmas time you can again get the monkeys to put aside good toys for little kids who do not have any at all. The Princess would be especially vulnerable to this approach.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What precious children you have! They are adorable and I love their costumes. I am so proud of them for parting with their toys in such a grown-up way. That is awesome! Hope your sale was a success. Love & blessings from NC!

Anonymous said...

AAWWWW!!! Sweet little rug rats! Of course they are adorable, but it's that great mommy and daddy they have that make such a huge difference. Love you guys and can't wait to see you at the end of the summer! Smooches, AJ.

Jill said...

Good for your kids!! Mine are just the same in that they don't notice when I clear out their toys! Definitely means they have too many!

Just stopped by from Trendy Treehouse bloghop. I love your blog, and I'm following now! Looking forward to reading more!!

Donna said...

Hi Diane,
so glad I found your blog! It looks really neat! Yes, I have been to the fabric stores at the foot of Sacre Couer, but when we were there a few weeks ago on a Sunday, all but one of the shops were open. Last year I got my mom the most gorgeous fabric there (she made a curtain & table cloth for her kitchen!), at a fraction of the price of another fabric store in the city!

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